What to Know About Conversational Assistants In the Automotive Retail Business?

As customers start their vehicle buying journey online, they crave immediacy and have become fast adopters of "click and get the response".

Conversational AI – the technology that executes your decisions with no limits

We work on conversation automation for car dealers, where customers ask specific questions and expect fast and exhaustive answers related to the vehicle buying and selling process.

Upgrading Humans with Artificial Intelligence

Automotive dealers decide what they want the AI to do in different cases, and it executes their decisions 24/7 and becomes smarter with every exception that it comes up with.

The Most Important Aspects of Sales Conversations

Every conversation matters when we are talking about the B2C process. Customers don't know and don't care how busy you are. They need proper attention, relevant answers, and the right attitude towards them to make an action afterwards.

See Pulsar In Action!

When a lead comes in from any source, Pulsar reads the question, generates a response using inventory data and sends it back to the customer.