Upgrading Humans with Artificial Intelligence

27 December, 2020

It is human nature to develop, improve, and become better at what we do. We’ve been doing this from the very beginning – learning, inventing tools, finding solutions to everyday problems. We’ve developed every part of ourselves to meet the ever-growing challenges we face. 

In fact, these challenges help us grow and we, in turn, grow the challenges. The better humans get, the harder the next challenges become. At some point on this path, we’ve discovered technology – a whole new world of possibilities, and therefore, a new array of challenges.

Technology makes us smarter and better at what we do, and also creates new challenges in front of us. Artificial Intelligence is already having one of the biggest impacts on our modern world and helps shape how we improve ourselves, as its present-day applications are giving superpower to humans. While some people are curious about the future of AI more in terms of the robots that we’ve seen in the sci-fi books and Hollywood movies, some others are already supercharging themselves with the power and capabilities of it.

Augmenting Our Capabilities

With the help of AI, we are augmenting the potential and capabilities that we have and that is how AI improves us and makes us better at what we do. Every day, we accomplish dozens of tasks that need no human judgment. Sometimes just because they are simple and repetitive tasks, sometimes because they are easily instructable and those instructions have already become parts of our natural behavior – meaning that we just know how to do those things and we almost impulsively apply that knowledge to other similar tasks. Taking into consideration where today’s AI development is, this is where we can use it most effectively – outsourcing human tasks that do not need human judgment –  simple, straightforward, repetitive tasks where the premises of decisions are explicit.

There is one advantage on the side of AI – the scale. Those tasks with no need of human judgment become overwhelming for humans when it comes to a bigger scale, and at some point, it even becomes impossible for humans to deal with those tasks because of its scale, while we are able to design AI machines that scale endlessly, especially when it comes to cloud computing.

For instance, Pulsar AI has the ability to perfectly handle any number of vehicle buyer and seller leads at any given moment, 24/7 – something that has always been a problem for car dealerships. It receives leads from all lead sources, engages in seconds, gives high-quality answers, qualifies the lead, and schedules appointments. Having Pulsar means having as many experienced and professional employees as you need for any given moment. Thus, with the help of Pulsar AI, dealerships become capable of flawlessly communicating with any number of customers that ultimately provide revenue maximization and cost savings. This is enabled by utilizing AI.

It Follows Your Decisions

So why does that mean Supercharging Humans? Well, because it works according to your preferences. For example, automotive dealers decide what they want the AI to do in different cases, and it continuously executes their decisions 24/7 and becomes smarter with every exception that it comes up with. So it is like hiring and training the perfect employee that works at the same level around the clock and is not limited by any scale. As a result, a dealer gets unlimited resources for customer communications that, at the end of the day, provides business with what it needs: revenue maximization, reduced marketing costs per sale, an increased ROI, and standing out from the competition by having customers thrilled with the customer service quality.

As Pulsar example shows, just one individual can run a team of tens and hundreds of “employees” that behave in a way that the individual designs, so it’s like adding resources to yourself, to do tasks that you would not want to spend time on – you design the behavior and decision making process in just a couple of minutes, and the execution is carried out by the resources that are brought in by AI. This is how AI helps us improve operations for dealers and customer experience throughout the car buying process.

See Pulsar In Action!

When a lead comes in from any source, Pulsar reads the question, generates a response using inventory data and sends it back to the customer.